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The brand – The concept

Your values in the luxury universe of Evil Wolf’s brand

Unique – Passionate – Exclusive – Rare – High Standard


Evil Wolf’s brand is different because of its extraordinary and fabulously beautiful creations which are directed towards people who live intuitively.

The force of attraction of Evil Wolf’s brand is human inspiration, graphic art, creativity and the beauty of life and nature.  The sole objective is to innovate and be a leader of the new tendencies rather than just follow behind.

The « L’Exception » collection is avant garde works of art, emotionally charged to reveal and inflame your values while resting noble and perfect.

The Evil Wolf’s brand is a homage to independent men and women passionate about living life to the full and with a visionary concept of luxury fashion, searching to fulfil their innermost desires !

The ongoing challenge of the brand is to be always in harmony with the hopes of their worldwide clients

The Concept : from feathers to clothes

Evil Wolf Fashion, a humane brand leading the way
in new trends in fashion …


The brand’s concept came from the ardent desire of its artist and stylist creator to position her brand on the path traced out by her own innovations, creations and influences, guided by her own ideas and vision, creating thus a new concept, jointly in the worlds of art and fashion.

Firstly, Charles Landston sketched, in just one movement, for example, an eagle, adding at the same time, movement, light and shadow and embodying naturally, concentration and emotion.
Each sketch speaks to and communicates with her. There started the complicity between her and her design.
The regard, the beauty, the force, the expression; she becomes it, it becomes her.
So that life can be born, she must take possession of the being and understand it …

Secondly, she wants her living creations to travel over the complete garment which she created from one piece of material, designing her own patterns and reinventing and restructuring the garment.
Thus was born the Art-T… It was necessary in order to bring alive the designs on the garment, to invent.
The designs, like works of art, have a signature, travelling all over the garment and thus taking possession of it, because there … lies their life, their vivacity and their power.

Thirdly, Charles Landston conquers the fashion world with subtlety, chic and elegance. It’s so important for her to bring out the best in everyone.
To do this she gives you the supreme Exception, with its irreproachable quality and know how and using sumptuous materials, made in France by French suppliers in the service of France.

Fourthly, to completely satisfy you, Charles Landston, has designed a unique form of packaging in the image of the brand and of you, the honoured client.
You will receive a special luxury packet, a gift specially for you. Your personal “Art-T”, signed and numbered and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.
You will also receive the artist’s own design cards.

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